OK, so I’ve gotten myself back into twitter, so follow me!

I think because I have an issue with finding out baby info.
My issue you ask?
I can’t stop looking for stuff…connecting with other moms, etc. I kinda got into that early on, but not like now. Hell I’m even doing it at work-probably not good for my career, but…

Twitter seems to be a place with a lot of mommies.

I even participated in a Twitter Party scavenger hunt. It was kinda crazy but a good experience.
What is a ‘Twitter Party’?
Again…thanks for asking.

This one was an hour long, hosted by ResourcefulMom in gahoots with DiapersDotCom all about

This was how this one worked…you log into your Twitter account make sure you were following ResourcefulMom — and couldn’t hurt to be following DiapersDotCom.

The party started at 8 (Indy time), so I made sure I was on a little before hand—mostly because I was scared I had done the time calculation wrong or that I was going to miss some critical piece of info. But I was glad I got there early.

At 8, ResourcefulMom started us out slow…just asking some questions and getting us to respond directly to her and with the hash marks/subject tag for the evening. That was good. It gave me some time to get situated and familiar with the format. (again…I’m a little of a Nervous Nelly every once in a while).

She started getting into the scavenger hunt questions/prize questions…the prizes were gift certificated to—I think the amounts ended up being $25, $50, $75 and $100.

Each questions refered to a specific portion of the website for the answer and she would state who the winner would be…the 14th person to Tweet her the answer, a random person, etc…you get the picture.

All the while making fun remarks and kind of pushing things along with fun questions in between the prize questions.

Although I didn’t win anything, I learned a lot and I would definately do it again.

I was following a couple of the other participants and DiapersDotCom was RTing (retwitting) comments and tips from other moms.

What tips did I get and what did I learn (I even Retwitted some of them-I know I have some followers from my August 2010 Bump forum who didn’t participate and I wanted to share) probably the one I like the most was from CouponClippin who said that when you’re traveling you should have diapers delivered to your final destination.

I thought that was BRILLIANT! Seriously, we will be traveling over Thanksgiving and Bug will only be a couple months old—I don’t want to lug a ton of diapers across the state if I don’t have too. Chris agreed and thought it was an excellent idea—so we will probably be doing that.

I also learned what a Floppy Happy Hats are-seriously one of the questions was about them and my response was that I don’t even know what they are. ResourcefulMom was nice enough to respond and tell me where I could find them and see what they are.

I know it seems minor…hahah you didn’t know what the hat was, but someone taking the time to just explain a little is nice.

I don’t really have a girlfriends with kids, I’m the first in my present little group of people-I’ve been told to write a book so all the others will get the ‘practical’ knowledge.

So I thought that was really sweet of her, because it’s not like she wasn’t already doing 10 things, but she took the time to help me.

Which is something I would do, but not everyone would.

That is huge to me.

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  1. You came! You tweeted! You had fun! 🙂 And I'm so happy to hear that you also learned a little something as well. I always call Twitter a brain trust, so jump right in and learn all there is to learn. The rest of us are happy to have you!

    -Amy, @ResourcefulMom

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