Unanswered Prayers…Motivational Monday

Each day I read a devotional entry from Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry and then write about what that means to me. If you enjoy this, I’d love to have you along on this journey, even if you have a different opinion then I do. How else can we learn from one another if we aren’t respectful and listen. Leave me a comment so I know you’re thoughts.

No prayer is insignificant to God. Even something as simple as:
“Please let me fall asleep.”
“Please don’t let the lead in this pencil break.”
Both among things I have prayed for in the last 24 hours.

Maybe a prayer won’t be answered the way you want, but it will be answered and it will be answered according to His plan.

I’ve prayed a lot recently for a neighbor’s foster care situation and the prayer has not been answered the way I want it answered. But it has been answered to His will and although it can/is frustrating to me.
However, I have never stopped praying. My prayer may have changed with each of His answers, but it hasn’t stopped me from just taking a deep breath, regrouping crying and then continuing to pray for a different answer to the situation.
Just like in any relationship, God wants to hear you vocalize your desires to Him. Granted, He already knows those desires—even before you do—it doesn’t change the fact that it’s important for Him to know that YOU can tell them to Him. Without judgment, He hears them.
And although the situation with my neighbor didn’t work out the way I want, He is also teaching me to trust Him and to keep coming back and keep talking. Because He is always listening.
Always faithful and He is saying:
This prayer wasn’t answered because it wasn’t part of My plan. My plan is bigger then you can imagine and it’s going to take time.
Keep talking to me, I am listening.”

Thank you God for that!

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