wedding wedding and more wedding!

So I have had a freak out today.

Looking at the wedding to do list, I got (and still am) worried. I know everything will all work out and everything will somehow all get done. But it can’t stop my freak out.

So tonight I worked on my shoes…I started last week. I wanna wear flip flips/something comfortable and I don’t want anything that makes me too tall.

So here is what I began with last week.

And then I cut the thong part out of the flip-flops.

Then I fed the ribbon through the holes. I was trying to figure out how to make the ribbon stay into place so I decided to use some medal pieces from jewelry making…don’t ask me what they are called. I just remember that I had them. I stuck then horizontally through the foam in the shoe. I think I might also add some glue or something to help reinforce the medal pieces.

I tied them around the back, I don’t want the shoes to flip and flop so that I still need to worry about.
I’ve wrapped them two different ways.

Here’s one one way and one the other.

The second way makes the shoe less noisy, but it’s all still a work in progress. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I am also getting ready to start on the invites. I have a plan so starting tomorrow I will start cutting paper.

Here is the outside:

I plan on using the C&M like on the outside of Save The Date, here’s the inside too if you’re interested.

And here is the inside:

So..that is next on my list. Many many cuts and some printing too. The verbiage will be on the vellum. Then the larger ivory card will have all the reception/accommodations/etc.. on it. It will be partly printed and partly stamped. The smaller piece will be the RSVP card and it will be printed on one side and stamped on the other.

I have one other major project, finishing my shawl for the day, it is almost done. Just need to check the size and then come up with a method of closing. I’ll get that one photoed soon.

One thought on “wedding wedding and more wedding!

  1. All I can say is: really, all the freak outs will come and go and you will really appreciate your hard work in the end!!! Just remember to take deep breaths and try to enjoy the process as much as possible. Before you know it your wedding day will come and go and live happily ever after 😀 hang in there, sorry i am not a shoe expert i don't have any good tips :}

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