What’s for dinner…Pesto Eggs

I made dinner last night for Chris and I, It was inspired by Berlin’s Whimsy. I read her post the other day and it looked so good I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I, of course, had to make some and put my own flair on it.
Chris said he really liked it.

Here’s mine:
I wanted to use up the New Potato’s I’ve had for a while so I added them to the bottom.

And I wanted to use my skillet, ’cause it’s been a while.

And I wanted to use egg substitute also, cause I think it tastes just as good as regular eggs and it’s got less fat and calories. This is important since I signed up for a weight loss class recently. I just want to lose the 15lbs I’ve gained since I started dating Chris. Boys can eat whatever they want, but I can’t.

I only used a couple of potatoes, maybe 2. And I put them at the bottom of the skillet for stability.

Then I used the whole containter of egg substitute and two heaping tablespoons of pesto and a little salt—which I could have done without, because I felt like everything seemed salty, but this has been a theme as of late.

It’s starting to look yummy…if it was cooked.

I cooked if for about 20 minutes at 350º. And this is what I got, yummy!

Salt and Pepper seem to like the looks of it!

I ate mine with some bruschetta on top and some cheese curds on the side (thank you Trader Joes) plus a little mozzarella and Chris had his with mozzarella, bruschetta and pepperoni.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Now, on to babysit the garage sale, not a lot of people here, so I think I’ll do some knitting while I sit here. 🙂

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