A Blank Slate

Happy 2018!
It’s a new year and this means, it’s time to ‘start over’.
Not in everything. You can’t start everything over, but I can change me, how I react to things and my goals.

I am starting small.

I have three words for the 2018: Purge. Create. Learn.

Today, I’m going to start with Purge. Tomorrow I’ll talk Create. And Friday, Learn.

Let us begin with the basics: Merriam-Webster defines purge as

I’m going with #2 to get rid of unwanted things.

I’m not doing some crazy minimalist thing and throw away half three-fourths of my wardrobe or anything like that. I’m sure the Marie Kondo things works for some people—just not me!

I do feel trapped by my belongings sometimes, but that is mostly a trap I have made for myself. I have this really bad habit of ‘saving’ things.

Somehow in my head I say: This «tea, face mask, yarn, etc…» is so awesome, I don’t want to use it right now, today isn’t special enough.
WTF am I thinking?

It’s crazy to think that. And more often then not—I FORGET ABOUT IT/it expires/I purchase something else equally as spacial that I also squirrel away/it gets freezer burnt from sitting in my freezer for 3 years.  Not that any of that has ever happened to me…especially not that last one with a turkey beast I purchased for Thanksgiving 3 years ago.

Anyway…my goal is to STOP that thinking and use the-mystical-special it. I wish I knew where that thinking that something is TOO special to use came from. I’m chalking it up to some stinkin’ thinkin’—some stinkin’ thinkin’ that today is (or I am) not special enough.

When the truth is that I AM special enough and today IS special because I am still breathing and walking and have the ability to do most anything I want.

So take that stinkin’ thinkin’!

Another part of this purging process is to get rid of things I purchased but before finishing them, I purchased something new (because I saw it and wanted to try it and/or it was on sale) or I didn’t like something but for some reason think I’m going to change my mind/need to use it again so I enver get rid of it.

This is never more evident then with HABA (Health And Beauty Aids) products: lotions, make-up, lip balm, etc…

I want to clean out what I’m not going to use. Use up the products I have before I allow myself to buy something new.

Even better would be to sell off what I’m not going to use and then be able to take that money to buy something I will use.

I started this with make-up. I have make-up samples/special buy packs I have gotten from Ulta as well as just make-up that I tried a couple times and just didn’t like it. (I try and be especially clean with using make-up. In case I don’t like it and plan on giving it to my sister or a friend.)

I love make-up, but I am not good with make-up…mostly because I have no interest in spending the time to make myself good at putting make-up on my face.

Learning about products-watching YouTubers and their make-up hauls/chats YES.
Taking the time to follow-up with that knowledge (beyond purchasing and trying a couple times) NO.

Therefore, the other day I put a couple mixed lots out on ebay to see if I can’t get rid of stuff and maybe make a little money to buy what I do like when I truly need something new-foundation seems to be a problem area for me…I have tried a bunch but keep going back to my standard Origins. It’s not drugstore so it’s more expensive, but if I added up all the money I have spent trying (and not liking) drugstore foundation, I’d be able to buy what I know I like and what makes me feel good.
So, we’ll see what happens. You can check out those listings here and here.

How about you? Are you as bad about using things up as I am?
What are your irresistible items?

Come back tomorrow for more of my crazy talk 🙂


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  1. Happy New Year
    I've started that last year in the beginning of Dec when the girls finished school. Mostly my stuff can't go to sell again. Still doing it around the house. About people… i would love to be able to do that also… but we can't (have) do everything 😘

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