As I said yesterday, I am focusing or goaling «I don’t think that’s a word, but whatever» toward three words this year.
Purge. Create. Learn.

Lets talk Create!

We’ll start with Merriam-Webster definition of Create:

And we’ll go with either of those two definitions: Bring into existence or produce through imaginative skill-both are exactly what I want to do.

I’ve always been a creative and visual person; and I have a drive to make things-almost anything really. It’s a blessing and a curse. Anyone else feel that way?


Last year was a bit of a low year for me. I created things for other people: magazines, brochures, social media posts and graphics. But I feel like I did very little for myself. Very little to flex creativity to exactly what I wanted, I did the creativity for other people to meet their expectations/needs.

And I can feel the lack of MY creative time. It makes me irritable and ungrateful and just generally—a no so nice person to be around. I think because it’s a piece of me and when something is missing and you feel like you can’t get it back…it just makes you kind of bitter.
YES Good word! BITTER. Last year, I was bitter.

I found myself pulling away from others—cause who wants to be with someone who is irritable and bitter. I’ll tell you who…NO ONE. And maybe if I hadn’t pulled away, I would have found a creative outlet with others. 

It’s not like, not creating is a #ThirdWorldProblem.
Of course it isn’t!

But feeling like you aren’t getting to be yourself, not getting to propel a huge piece of your psych forward — is a problem.

And what if that hole in you, the missing piece bleeds out into other areas of your life…areas of the world where you have influence?
What if Donald Trump is just feeling unfulfilled in his life and that is why he is constantly lashing out and trying to figure out where he should be going/ trying to find a way to get back to a core piece of who he is? What if he is so far removed from his core that he doesn’t even know what’s missing. And because of all that, he is this jumbled mess of contradictions we see far too often?

Wow, I have NO idea where that came from. That was weird and political and not something that I would ever really normally say or think about…
Let’s move on!

What will I be creating this year?
So glad you asked…and as always I have a million and one thoughts in my head.
I think I need to start some with my quiet crafts—writing «this blog, maybe I’ll try the #BohoBerryChallenge» knitting «I hear the Monthly Dishcloth KAL calling my name, but only after I get the—royal pain in the arse—hat I started, off my needles-must Purge first».

I also want to start making more videos. I really wish I had stuck with my tcom major in college, but there is no going back. However, with everything «phones that take video, camera-video and SLR’s getting cheaper» there is no reason for me not to learn and have fun. To see if I can’t cultivate some of my love of movies and making «ie crafting» into that arena.

You can see check out my latest video or some of my older ones on my YouTube channel. Up until now, it has all been experimental fun and it will continue to be for a while. But I think that my channel will be a great place for me to put two of my goal words to use: Create. and Learn.

Which brings me to my final word. Learn-come back to read about what I will do with that one.

And as always…thanks for stopping by and let me know…what will you be creating in 2018. Doesn’t have to be craft. I know I’m talking a lot about that. But I don’t think that just physical crafting will be my sole focus for the word Create.


P.S. I want to Create a home I’m happy with. In appearance, as well as, just the feelings of everyone who lives here. And that, will be a much longer blog post for future Maria…present Maria is still marinating on that one.

Tell me about it!

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