Another weekend

I am sitting here on Memorial Day just chillin‘!

I’m watching the John & Kate Plus 8 marathon and just ate some yogurt-amongst the other stuff I ate today.

I spent most of the weekend down at Chris’s. We were working on his house. I wish I had some of the before and after pictures to show you. But Chris has them and I think he’s a little embarrassed to let me share them. His house is kind of in disrepair, mostly because he has grand plans for it and he just doesn’t have all the time it takes to do them all. So we are doing them together.

Knitting is going well. I have about 6 projects going.

I got the handles for the doctor bag on Friday.
The bag is…well going OK. I got the sewing machine up and ready to run, but I’m not really comfy with it yet so I haven’t started sewing the liner yet.

I have started putting the knitted pieces together, but that’s not going really well either. I’m just not really good at it. But in my defence, I haven’t done a lot knitting things together yet.

Here it is. It’s really sad looking, but I’m excited to get the handles on it and to use it.

What else have I been working on?
I finished the a scrubby.

I still have a bunch of stuff outstanding.

A couple of dishcloths, one I’m designing and the other is my take on the Nubbin Nouveau Dishcloth. I can’t seem to get the nubbin aspect down. I don’t understand the 2 cast on and the 2 bind off in a row. Because I’d imagine that there was a hole there and mostly because I seem to use one of the new CO as the BO. What am I don’t wrong? But I like the color’s I’m using and I think it will look nice when it’s done. 🙂

I’m still working on socks for Chris.

And as usual, I have a ton of things I want to do. I think I want to make a couple of bath/kitchen rugs. I think I’m going to try and finish what I have started and then work on those two things. Maybe! 🙂

The last bit of news I have is: last week at work I got a laptop. Since I have a laptop I will be able to spend more time blogging. 🙂

I hope all is going well with everyone else. Please write and comment soon.

Tell me about it!

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