Be a Knitter again!

I have been really into knitting lately. I have forgotten how much I enjoy the process, how relaxing I find the entire experience and how challenging it can be. All things I need. And the knitting made me think of how I started this blog. It seems SO long ago. It was back when blogging … Continue reading Be a Knitter again!

Knitting a Puff Daddy stool!

A lot has happened recently.We sold our house, moved into my SIL's basement for 10 days and are now in our 'new' home. We have lots to do, but slowly but surely.We have to move O out of her present room, because Aug 1 I'm due with baby two! And believe me...that day can not … Continue reading Knitting a Puff Daddy stool!


I have no idea what to talk to you guys about, cause this week has been a blur! I don't know why. Nothing important happened really, although I did 'pop' yesterday. Seriously, all of the sudden, I can't fit in any of my pants. Thank goodness for Belly Bands! I purchased two about 3 weeks … Continue reading Roundup

Next project

I got my next project lined up...I just have to order it.I got my Knit Picks catalog yesterday and the ducky and the bunny are going to be made!Chris says only if its a girl...too bad, ducks and bunny's are for all sexes!The pig is cute, but I can't bring myself to dress a girl … Continue reading Next project

I’ve been knitting

Sorta…I have made these hats for the little bug. :)I have entered my second trimester and I'm a little less tired then I was before. But I'm still feeling a little sickly sometimes. Just nausiated, no actual throwing up.Chris and I have told our families and a select group of friends. Still not mentioning anything … Continue reading I’ve been knitting