KNIT PATTERN| The Bell and The Honeycomb

The Bell and The Honeycomb: a Soap Sack US 7 CO 80 Join I used stitch markers every 20 stitches to denote the * area. 1)    K7, *K20; repeat * 2)    K7, *K20; repeat * 3)    K7, *SKP, K9, K2tog, K7; repeat * 4)    K7, *K18; repeat * 5)    K7, *SKP, K7, K2tog, K7; repeat … Continue reading KNIT PATTERN| The Bell and The Honeycomb

Air Plants Planter: Tutorial

I really enjoy air plants. It sounds so weird, but my first interaction with one was back when I used to receive the subscription box: Whimseybox…I don't think they still exist. In one of the boxes had an air plant, a bag of concrete mix, instructions, and a piece of cardboard. The project was to … Continue reading Air Plants Planter: Tutorial

Budget Crafting: Valentine edition

Valentines Day…hearts and flowers…pretty pink (and red) paper…a holiday for children…and sickeningly sweet lovers that wont last. But valentine crafts are for fun!And since it is all of those things I will decorate. I will fill the house with a little more love then there was in January and a little more then there will … Continue reading Budget Crafting: Valentine edition

Tutorial: Make some ABC playing cards

Maybe I mentioned it, but I've been WAY into YouTube lately! Videos…some are just fun or interesting, while others are actually educational and inspirational. This blog has been inspired by this Sweet and Simple Home video on her favorite activities for kids. We have been working on the ABC's with O. She kinda hates it…she … Continue reading Tutorial: Make some ABC playing cards

No-Sew Covered Cork Board Tutorial

An editorial calendar—not the one I have in my head/or half-heartedly started in Google Docs. Why you ask, is that important? Because what inevitably happens, I start doing something: like downloaded a monthly calendar to put on my refrigerator «because that's how I meal plan». And while I was ‘binding it’ «I used that word very loosely» I … Continue reading No-Sew Covered Cork Board Tutorial