Holiday Crafting List

We all do holiday crafting, right? Well, this year…I'm starting early! And by early, I mean more than a couple weeks before—which is my usual m.o.. Crafting is actually one of my favorite things about the holidays—along hanging with my family. I'd honestly like it if I could convince the family to do a completely … Continue reading Holiday Crafting List

Dear letter board, I love you

I feel like felt letter boards are everywhere right now. Probably because they are an extension of alternative to the hand letter movement. And as someone who has tried, but has no patience for hand letter…a felt letter board is a great for me. What is great about the felt board is that the look … Continue reading Dear letter board, I love you

Budget Crafting: Valentine edition

Valentines Day…hearts and flowers…pretty pink (and red) paper…a holiday for children…and sickeningly sweet lovers that wont last. But valentine crafts are for fun!And since it is all of those things I will decorate. I will fill the house with a little more love then there was in January and a little more then there will … Continue reading Budget Crafting: Valentine edition