Here are my lovely and insightful answers to the questions. Wow, I don’t know how I typed that sentence without making about 10 mistakes cause I was laughing so hard at it. 🙂

What is one baked item you love making or buying and why?
I’m not a huge baker, but I get TONS of compliments on this Chocolate cake I make. It’s great, cause I can ALWAYS have the ingredients on hand.

And just now, looking that cake up I found a new one on their site. I might have to try it… White Buttermilk cake w/ Lemon Glaze…Mmmmm

What is one item you love to knit and why?
I recently learned how to make mittens so I’m loving that them. I learned a couple of new stitched from making them and in the beginning they were such a challenge. Now I’m just ready to perfect them and make them for all my friends and family with matching hats and scarves.
Oh and since I’m new to dishcloths they have kinda taken the place of the mittens recently, at least until fall.

Favorite outdoor activity and why?
It’s not necessarily always an outdoor activity, but I love to flea market shop. Not that I buy a lot of stuff, but I just love being outside, walking around and interacting with people. Plus I’ll admit I do love the shopping aspect of it. 🙂

Favorite why to relax?
Probably walking. I used to live close to the Monon Trail here in Indy and I love to walk in the evening and just be a part of the community. I don’t have kids so it’s such a nice way to see families and realize that you are a part of a larger picture. Now that I’ve moved, it’s a little more of a challenge, but I’m still up for it!

Tell me about it!

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