Frog Pond!

I started making a princess crown face cloth for my friend Mindy. I started yesterday and I mist have miss counted a row somewhere in the first 10 or so rows and at row 46 I sent it to the frog pond.
Oh well, I want it to be right and I’m not sure I had the bobbles right anyway, so this will give me a second chance to get it right.
I wish I had taken a picture before I ripped it.

But I found a new favorite yarn. I have been using Sugar n’ Cream cotton for dishcloths but since I wanted her to be able to use it as a face cloth I started looking for something softer and I found Bernat Cotton tots. It’s so soft. I really can’t wait to get it washcloth done in it. I think Mindy will like it. I’m putting a little care package together to send her while she’s away in Philly.

Tell me about it!

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