First pattern

I wrote my first pattern today.
It’s for a martini glass dishcloth, I can’t wait to try and knit it up.
I’m completely nervous about it. I don’t really know how to write a pattern, but I drew it out and I hope it will work out.
I’m sure I’ll make a lot of corrections as I knit.
I have seen martini glass ones before, but I wanted to have olives in mine, probably because I’m a dirty martini girl, and because the olives are the best part of the martini. As is my friend Kim, whom I hope to give this dishcloth to.
I’m gonna have to make it green, guess I need to go get some green yarn, actually I’m not sure I’ve seen much green peaches n cream yarn.
I’ll post the finished cloth and if it works, the pattern.
I also found a great pattern for something else to send to my swap pal. I hope this works out. I can’t wait to send this out…I’m so excited and I just keep thinking of things to add, she is so going to be spoiled rotten!
I’m heading to Nashville, IN this weekend and I hope to find some homemade soap to add to her care package.

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