Sorry, I have no pictures again. I don’t know what my deal is…I just can’t seem to get on the ball.

I did some knitting yesterday. Mostly because I was sick, I still feel kinda sick really. But it was nice to relax and snuggle (not with a snuggie, which we saw this weekend at Menards…they sell the most random thing there, but I digress) watch some TV/movies and knit.

I was making some hand warmers, for my etsy shop (I think) and I thought I’d try the magic loop method with circulars. It’s something I have wanted to try for a long time now, but never have. I have to say, I’m not a fan. So I moved to 5 dpn’s and then made a mistake and had to frog it.
I restarted.
This time, I decided I do it like socks, two on two circulars! This I have tried before, but never finished a project and I do need to frog the socks I have previously started on two circs. But that’s a story for another day.

Still need to decided on the yoga mat bag. Haven’t really worked on it, just waiting to make a decision. I guess I figure if I stare at it a little longer maybe the right decision will come to me.

Alright I will really try and take some photos…but I make no promises, cause I obviously can’t follow though, so I figure I’ll keep the expectations low. 🙂

Tell me about it!

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