Goings on

My head feels like it’s going to explode.

Seriously! I even took a couple of xtra strength tylenol and that doesn’t seem to be helping.

I got a couple extra hours of sleep…not really, but I did come into work late and I’m so going to have to pay for that in about 15 minutes when I go home.
5 o’clock traffic kinda sucks.
I know I know … you’re thinking…you live in Indiana…

How bad can traffic be?

It’s not that bad, but bad enough to be annoying.

OK getting back to what’s going on.

Not much crafting wise.
I did do a little knitting while watching the Colts school the Cardinals on Sunday night. But not much and I’m thinking that this yoga bag sack I’ve been working on, is really snug and makes me really think about frogging it. I’ll try and take a pic tonight and post it.

We’ve been working on the house. I’ve been trying to put things into place. And it’s not really working all that well. But there is actually more space then I thought there was. That is a pleasant surprise.

My house is on the market, has been for about a week or so. No showings yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Other then that, I’m seriously thinking about what to do with the shop. I want to keep it going, but I don’t have the time to knit. Before Christmas, I’d like to finish the knitted socks I started for Chris, like forever ago! and I’d also like to finish a cross-stitch Christmas hanging decoration I started like forever ago as well.

I guess I have my answer…no more etsy shop, maybe I should finish what I’ve perviously started.

I really do want to quit my job and just craft all day!

Tell me about it!

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