Humble pie

Humble pie does not taste good, but it’s good for the soul.

I love the visual of this statement. Can’t you see it…some little kid with a plate of steamed spinach on the plate in front of them and his or her little nose all scrunched up. The metaphor of eating something that is SO good for you yet looks (and tastes) the complete opposite.

Being humble is important—it’s a product of being genuine and human. Being willing to say:

I don’t know
I’m Sorry
I made a mistake…

These are all words/phrases that we should be willing to say. In doing so, knowing that it doesn’t make us weak. In fact, it shows that we are human, and strong enough in that humanity to prove it. Not to mention, that you are willing to accept someone elses help.

Are you strong enough in your humanness to be humble? To eat that humble pie —not only when you make a mistake—but everyday, in every interaction you have?

Can you show others you humanity?

I certainly hope I am.

Tell me about it!

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