I did it (times 2)!

I have been very preoccupied lately.

On September 5 I got married and that has really taken up so much of my time. I don’t know how people plan a wedding for like a year. I was not that into the whole process. Vegas would have been just fine for me. I’m not one of those girly girls who always dreamt of her wedding or anything like that. I dreamt of being married and having a partner for life, but not all that froofroo stuff that goes with it.

But I can honestly say that I have married my best friend. The person who knows me best and still loves me inspite of the not so pretty parts of me that I (like everyone else) try to keep hidden.

So here is a picture of us from the day, two of my favorites!

You can see more on my photograpers site: www.brookphotography.com. There are more here.

And in addition to the wedding, I was trying to sell some knitted items on Etsy. Not as easy as I would have thought, but just before several things were going to expire I made my first sale. I sold a yoga mat bag! And I didn’t sell just one, but my purchaser wanted an additional bag in black for a friend. YEAH!

So I promised her I’d make it before Sept 5. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I was working on it! You can see the Monday before getting married I took it to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game and worked (you may not want to watch this video if you are an avid baseball fan and believe anyone who doesn’t know about baseball is unAmerican, cause…well I know very little about baseball and it shows).

But I finished the bag on the way to Pensacola, FL for our honeymoon and sent it from there. Thank Susan for being understanding.

I’ll try and be more regular about posting. I am hoping to get back into some knitting now that life will be getting a little more normal. Although, my house goes on the market on Monday (please pray for a quick sale) and I am moving into Chris’s house which is a whole beast of it’s own!

I do miss reading and hearing from everyone, I hope to get back into the groove and rebuild my friendships and hopefully make some new ones!

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