Knitting a Puff Daddy stool!

A lot has happened recently.

We sold our house, moved into my SIL’s basement for 10 days and are now in our ‘new’ home. We have lots to do, but slowly but surely.

We have to move O out of her present room, because Aug 1 I’m due with baby two! And believe me…that day can not get here fast enough. Like with O we don’t find out babies gender-we like the surprise. But man, this pregnancy has definitely been a bit harder. 

So, in a last ditch effort to get some knitting in, I am putting the puff together to be a part of O’s new bed room. She is a HUGE book girl and I decided that she needs a comfy spot to hang and ‘read’ her books.

I just started it today.

But last week, DH painted O’s room. And (hopefully) Friday we will be getting O a big girl (twin) bed.
I’ll post some pics of everything once it’s all completed.

Tell me about it!

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