It has been too long…

So, it has been a while.
Well, I have had a lot going on.

Honestly, if I was committed to this blog then that shouldn’t be a valid excuse.
But, I have had some health stuff going on since early January. And that has really taken a front seat.

As usual this Sunday at church reminded me what my true ‘excuse’ is: Fear.

“Couragous faith will lead you to where God is calling you to go.” *

Now, this blog might not seem like someplace God ‘should’ be leading me to go. But maybe it is a stepping stone in where he ultimately wants me to go. Lessons learned here/through this process, people met/touched, etc…

So, I begin again. 🙂

What have I been doing?

#1 Laundry, reorganizing kitchen drawers, keeping my kids alive and busy…normal mom stuff.

This is how we all dress for graduation parties, right?

#2 I have really thrown myself into my indoor plants. 🙂
Look at my newest one!

My Monstera Deliciosa/Philodendron Swiss Cheese. Her name is Kentucky. I love her 🙂

#3 Reading.
Not a ton but enough.

2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
Maria ha
read 41 books toward
their goal of
46 books.
41 of 46 (89%)


#4 My never-ending list of ‘crafting’ to do’s. Such as, DESPERATELY wanting to make pretty clay tags for my plants. I told you how they all have names. And they all have beautiful green washi tape stickers on the pots with their names on them. And by beautiful, I mean not very adult 🙂

I just want something prettier than green tape with handwritten names. I just wanna be 1% more adult…

So I have been ruminating (a 350 SAT word) over how to do that.

#5 Part of my plant obsession has been this log, which I will (eventually) share and you can copy (or download) to Google Sheets (or Excel) and use.

#6 Cross-stitching — a plant leaf of course.
However, I decided I HATED the pattern. Honestly, you have to change colors every 3 stitches, it doesn’t look like it from the pattern, but everything seems to be made up of different variations of the same color to give it depth.
BEAUTIFUL in the end but …who has that kind of time patience?
Not me!
So I ripped it out and decided to kinda do my own thing.  I wish I had taken a pic of it before (or during) my rip-it-out frenzy.
But I didn’t.
Later I will show you what I am doing with the pattern.

No less the 8 (YES EIGHT) different colors in a square inch of this cross stitch pattern. The whole thing is ~7×8 inches. Not for me!

#7 Stickers — I have been obsessed with utilizing my Cricut Air and making my own stickers. This is a learning process. Which I will share soon.

#8 Figuring out how to get some recycling into my master bath, cause it really kinda needs it.

Look at all that could be recycled. Why doesn’t it? Because I’d have to remember to take it downstairs whenever it ’empties’ and I’m too lazy for that sometimes.

#9 My newest planner set-up. I come back to the same thing. I try a dated planner, but I NEVER really stick with it. I love the way they look, but…a notebook and a to-do list are pretty much all I need. Very bojo style. BUT, I always need a good way to carry it around/organize my writing utensils so I don’t lose them. Something to sew, I think. Like a book cover with a pocket.

#10 And then there are the Olympics. I LOVE the summer Olympics (swimming, diving, and gymnastics are among my favorites). Years ago, there was a Knitting Olympics thing that some kind person ‘organized’. It was (of course) The Yarn Harlot.
You know, watching the Olympics and knitting at the same time.
I have been things about organizing a Crafting Olympics. Let me know in the comments if this interests you.

#11 Lastly,  know how I mentioned that medical stuff I’ve been dealing with…I was diagnosed with MS.  All that medical stuff I have been and that has been a big tax on my mind. And I am ready for it to not be. So…that is another reason I am back. Something else to think about other than ‘treatment’, doctors’ offices, insurance, and what’s next.

So, that’s the last two-to-three months in a nutshell.


I think I’ve just made an outline for this blog for the next could weeks/months. Working through the above 10-ish items and see how it goes.

I think I’m going to start with the Crafting Olympics…because that is the one I am most excited about.
Even if you are not in.
I’m in!

As I post about each of these items I will link them somehow to this post. I don’t quite know what that will look like, but I am smart enough to figure it out and without fear, I will do it!hugs and kisses from Maria

*If you’d like to hear/see the whole sermon that this came out of, you can see it here.

Tell me about it!

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