My rambles

I’m very excited to have just been introduced to my Holiday Exchange partner…her name is Katie and she lives just a mere 3-4 hours from me in Chicago (a city I love and miss). Did I mention to all yeal that I lived in the southwest suburbs of Chitown for like 5 years in my 20’s. Sadly I wish I had really done more with my time while I was there.

Anyway…Katie has Crafty Khandy-a fabulous blog—look at how great she is with paper.

This is something I aspire too…seriously, my yarn stash is rivaled by my scrap booking stash-of which I am embarrassed to say, I have never made anything more then some cards from. (and I guess my wedding invites.

I look at at Ali Edwards blog and it’s completely inspiring and it makes me want to document O’s life better.

But honestly, what is a girl to do when her heart longs to craft all day but is stuck in corporate America—well non-profit America (not that different, just less pay)?

Could I go back to school for crafting? Is that something I could take out student loans for?

I’ve started selling Thirty-One Gifts in hopes that that could be my ‘gateway drug’ out of a 9-5. It’s not going as well as I’d hope, but I’ll keep working at it. Honestly, if I could make 1/4 of my present income with Thirty-One and then 1/4 from crafting, and maybe just another 1/4 in freelance graphic design, I’d be happy! It’d be a 1/4 pay cut, but I’d deal.

OK, story this is a bit of a stream of conscientious writing day. I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

I think I’ll go start researching what I’m going to make Katie.

Tell me about it!

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