Rainy days = Day dreaming

I was just writing/daydreaming in my new journal yesterday about starting a business. And then today, I came across this article…I hope I win.

So here’s a little of my idea, that was inspired by my new journal.

This is by Conduit Press—I purchased it at a local store called Homespun. I love it!

Here’s another random picture of my new journal…the inside-which by the way, also has some of the pages from this actual book mixed in!

So, I also think that I could make one for family if I had a punch/bind machine which is like $300. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that had something like that for occasional usage and not have it cost an arm and a leg (Kinko’s). So what about a craft studio that had items like that along with long tables for cutting fabric, sewing machines, knitting crocheting stuff…all sorts of things that could be used, but you don’t have to purchase because you’d only use it occasionally? That’s what I’m talking about-charge by the hour for usage of all the items you want. Maybe there would also be a retail shop attached where crafters could sell their items on consignment (like Homespun)-on and maybe a room for classes.
Wouldn’t that be cool?
Who wants to invest?

Oh, and I almost forgot, I wrote a pattern today. Nothing exciting, but I thought I’d do it, I’ll test it in the next couple of days and then post.

2 thoughts on “Rainy days = Day dreaming

  1. Great suggestion, I'll look and see!

    I think I'm ok with test knitting it myself, it's not a picture cloth, it's just a pattern cloth.

    How are things going? Gotten anywhere on the quilt? 🙂

  2. Maybe your library has a punch bind machine that you can use there and just pay for the 'clamp' thingy.

    What is your pattern? Need a test knitter? 🙂

    (way to go blogging again…. kick me to get me started!)

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