Rabbit holes are dangerous

I’ve been listening to a lot of Podcasts lately…
Podcasts are my jam-at least they are right now.

I listened to Podcasts years ago—like 10 years ago, after they first came out.
«Maybe that was 20 year? How long have iPods and Podcasts been around?» I hadn’t thought about them in quite a while but like 4 months ago, I decided to look and see if they still existed-you just don’t hear much about them anymore «at I haven’t»

But much to my delight,  they do!
I decided to go looking to see if I could find any on crafting and/or happiness «I’m sure I was feeling particularly low that day» and I came across one by Gretchen Rubin «AKA The Happiness Project lady» which led me down a rabbit hole of other podcasts.

I subscribed to a couple, I did this through Google play «I have an Android phone and wanted to listen there instead of having to downloading/sync to my old school iPod-5th generation». But then, about a month later while at MOPS «Mothers Of Preschoolers» we started talking about Podcasts…I don’t even know what led us to that discussion.

One of the other moms «one I adore and admire very much, despite having just met her this year» mentioned the NPR podcast Serial, which I couldn’t find on Google Play,

So, back to the land of Apple and iTunes I went. Where I fell DEEP-down another rabbit hole: the NPR rabbit hole.

And then the more I listened to my initial list of podcast, they led me down another rabbit hole.

Man, rabbit holes are dangerous!

I’ve almost completely abandoned crafting podcasts-they are truly more fitting for YouTube vlogs or video podcasts; this is due to the visual nature of them-which is a completely different rabbit hole/blog post.

So I have made a conscience decision to stick with inspirational: God, life, craft, business themed within’ the inspiration realm

I’m loving my new field of podcasts. I’m inspired daily and have been far more productive.
Less time in the TV rabbit hole—this rabbit hole is my comfort zone comfort hole: where I go when I’m too overwhelmed to figure out what to do; too frustrated with my life because I’m so irritated with how things are moving…where I go when I just want to hide.

All those things are within my control—and although I have always known it, I think I have just forgotten about it over the last 5 years with everything that has happened. With marriage and motherhood I have let myself fall into a different rabbit hole…one of depression and an attitude of day-to-day-just-survive. 

Since everyday I want to thrive instead of just survive…Podcasts have become my healthy rabbit hole.

How about you? Are you thriving or surviving?
I hope you’re in the thriving camp. If you need a buddy for your thrive journey…

Lets walk this thriving path together.

P.S. Checkout the list of what I’m listening to over in the sidebar
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