Learning is Action or Vice Versa

Well, it’s been a couple of days—but I did say in my Purge post that I would write about learning on Friday.
So, I am not behind!

So, here we go: I’ve talked Purge. and Create.

Now it’s time to discuss Learn.

Again, let’s start with what Merriam-Webster says about Learn:

Now, I have kinda started this learning quest a while ago. I’ve mostly relegated learning to Podcasts-I heart them! They are free «I use iTunes to download/find, but I have used Google Play», easy to listen to «iPhone-other smart phones, iPod—yes I still have like an iPod or 3, don’t judge». And you can listen just about anywhere «I did yesterday while I was grocery shopping».

You can see what I listen too over in the sidebar or you can read about my love here.

Most of the learning I have gained thought podcasts has been more about people, places, ideas, and getting back to zero «God».
And all of that has been wonderful and inspirational. But as Chris Guillebeau would say…

—Chris Guillebeau, Side Hustle School

The more I think about it…maybe Action should be a fourth word for the year?

Going back to learn.
On top of my list of things to learn, is video.
Shot lists. Shooting. Editing. YouTube-ing «again, I think I’m just making up words, but who cares»

I have a sorta photography background-high school photography, plus my own amateur fun skills.
A couple of good cameras.
I have iMovie-because I own an Apple computer and it’s FREE when you get an Apple.

I’m also a working freelance graphic designer, so I subscribe «mostly because I HAVE too in order to work» to Adobe Creative Cloud which gives me access to Adobe Premiere Pro. And my understanding is that Premiere is better than iMovie and since I already pay for it,  I think that I will be taking some time Learn that.

And to prove that I’m serious about this, over the last 2 days I made a video. It’s a first step into stop motion film, which is yet another thing that fascinates me, and will be my first set of experiments for my YouTube channel.

Thanks for stoppin’ by again!

Tell me about it!

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