I have no idea what to talk to you guys about, cause this week has been a blur!
I don’t know why.
Nothing important happened really, although I did ‘pop’ yesterday. Seriously, all of the sudden, I can’t fit in any of my pants. Thank goodness for Belly Bands! I purchased two about 3 weeks ago and I am so glad I did, cause I’ve needed them yesterday and today. I will have to go out and get some maternity pants.

OK so, I did finish this project.

What do you think? It’s a swaddle ‘glove’ (sorry, I have no idea what to call it-ideas are always welcome) I wish I had a baby doll to put into it so you can get the full effect. I was thinking that it would be a cute addition to my etsy shop. Would you purchase one?

Lastly, I started on the baby bunny outfit last night. Just the bloomer part and I do this everytime. It calls for dpn’s or for magic loop method on circulars. I forgot that I have tried magic loop before and that I don’t like it! I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it properly and I think the ‘track’ between the two needles ends up more noticeable then with dpn’s so I ripped it and now I’m working on dpn’s. I’m used to them. I guess I could have done both the duckie and the bunny at the same time on two circulars, but I don’t have enough circulars in the sizes I need.

That’s all from here!

Tell me about it!

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