I am at Panera...Yeah for free WIFI! I'm staying at little sisters house this weekend. She went down to Cinci for a bachelorette party so I am staying at her house with her dogs, plus Oscar. They all get along really well, I will try and take a pic of them all this afternoon and … Continue reading Saturdays


I got my package from the dishcloth swap today! Thank you SO much Nicole G. (Do you see those socks? I want to make those monkey socks!) I wish I had had some more restraint and taken a picture before I opened the box, but I was like a 3 year old on Christmas morning! … Continue reading Lookie!

Just finished

I finished my first ballband dishcloth today! About an hour before I was giving it to my mom for mothers day. I really enjoyed this one...I think I'm going to have to make a bunch of them. I also finished this princess patterned cloth for my friend Mindy. I have to say, I HATE making … Continue reading Just finished

Frog Pond!

I started making a princess crown face cloth for my friend Mindy. I started yesterday and I mist have miss counted a row somewhere in the first 10 or so rows and at row 46 I sent it to the frog pond. UGG! Oh well, I want it to be right and I'm not sure … Continue reading Frog Pond!


I got back to the hotel today and the first thing I did was check my email to get my new rows for the May KAL. I am so happy to have completed my first KAL dishcloth. You can see I made a little boo boo on the right hand border. Didn't see it till … Continue reading Finished!