Wake-up Call

Each day I read a devotional entry from Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry and then write about what that means to me. If you enjoy this, I’d love to have you along on this journey, even if you have a different opinion then I do. How else can we learn from one another if we aren’t respectful and listen? Leave me a comment so I know you’re thoughts.

I think we all need to get re-centered sometimes.
I know I do.

Sometimes my routine becomes too comfortable boring and I need be shaken up.

I am someone who craves change. My husband is someone who craves the mundane stability. And although I like stability.
I find what I need in the pull of the earth; the steadfastness of God’s love, the movement of my body, and the workings of my mind.
But my life has become this thing…this thing I don’t recognize or understand and can’t control. I think it’s called marriage and kids, which was something I desired and prayed for and God gave me.
Now I don’t know what the F@#k to do with it.
I find myself asking God for things/ways to get to a place where I CAN deal with it. But, we all know, that’s not the plan.
HE is dealing with it.
I just need to listen.

God speaks in a soft voice I can hear better when I resolve to listen and stop putting words in His mouth. ― Elaine Orabona Foster, In Movement There Is Peace

Is that the problem? I’m not listening?
Is God feeling about me, the way I feel about my 6-year old?
She is headstrong, doesn’t listen, doesn’t do what she is told, and just wants to do what she wants to do. She asks the same question every 3 minutes because she didn’t listen to the answer. I end up SO frustrated with her on a daily basis, so frustrated that sometimes I just have to walk away.
Although I feel all of that, I NEVER stop loving her. And of course, she is SO sweet and loving-when she wants to be.
As I write this, I think surely this is EXACTLY how God feels about me.
I am not listening.
I am headstrong.
I am asking the same questions every day.
He has answered them…I am just not listening.
And now I want to am cry crying.
I’m so sorry God for not listening. I know you won’t abandon me and you always love me.
I will listen better! I now know, you are using this project to put a mirror up and show me what I need to do to change my life and it’s so simple:
I need to listen.

Are you feeling the same way sometimes?

Tell me about it!

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