You have permission…

Sometimes that is all you need: someone to give you permission to do something you KNOW you should do.

So today, I am giving you permission (actually requiring you too) to take some time just for you.

We live in a very fast-paced, achievement driven world of endless to-dos and musts. And it’s easy to get lost in all that and think it is all you are. And this gets even worse if you are married and have children. Somehow their to dos and musts get shared with you.

Which is why, it’s more important then ever that you do something ONLY for you—maybe even alone.

Even if you are not married or have children this is a great habit worth getting into.

Seriously, you know why kids are SO happy most of the time—No not because we wipe their bottoms, wash their clothes, and cook them food—well, maybe Yes all those things but also because they create and imagine. We give them the opportunity and space to do that everyday. They are not encumbered by to do lists and cell phones and countless emails.

And I’m telling you, YOU need to tap into your creativity, imagination and quite unencumbered time as well.

It’s time to unplug a little.

And any parent knows that sometimes peeing along can be a huge accomplishment.
The struggle is real!

But I’m telling you and giving you permission to do more then just take a 30 second pee alone.

Put daddy in charge (or get a babysitter) for an hour or 2, put your phone on Do Not Disturb and do something for YOU and YOU alone, something that will—in the words of Marie Kondo—give you joy.

Wanna learn how to do that cat eye thing with your eyeliner? Go up to your room, sit in front of the mirror with eyeliner, eye make-up remover (cause you’re going to mess up and need to restart), your phone to watch a YouTube tutorial—Do Not Disturb doesn’t keep you from YouTube, and learn how to do it!

Or take a writing, drawing, knitting, crocheting, underwater basket weaving class.

Whatever you do during that time, do it for yourself.

Call it <Your Name Here> RePower Hour(s)!

I challenge you to try it and carve the time out to do it every week. See how you feel the rest of the day and the days after your RePower Hour(s). Try it for a month.

Then I challenge you to get greedy bold and try to find 1 hour a day (just 3 times a week) to do something for you. Find a new craft to perfect, work to refinish that chair you’ve been dying to reupholster  (because YOU want to…not because anyone else likes or gives a shit about that chair, just you) maybe one of those hours is taking a cuppa over to the neighbors house and the two of you sit and chat because you two have wanted to catch-up for a while.

You would be amazed at what that time does for you and everyone around you.

What are you going to do during your RePower Hour(s)?



Wanna see what I did Sunday afternoon? Check it out over on Instagram. It’s certainly NOT perfect, but it totally made me happy to take the time to do it.

Tell me about it!

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