Bear Up!

I started on a bear to add to Kara’s baby shower present. I had such a good time looking at all the fabric. But it was really hard to decide what to choose. There are so many beautiful fun fabrics I couldn’t decide. But I knew I wanted to use flannel, cause it’s so soft and I figured kids probably like that.
And I didn’t want to pick something too pink. Kara’s not a girlie girl and I don’t think she and Tim will raise a girl with pink everywhere. So here is what I chose.

Such a cute bear. The one above was made for me in college and I love it. It’s just simple and classic.
So I decided that I was going to just cut the pattern pieces.
Which I did, but just got so excited that I couldn’t just let those pieces sit there.
But as you can see all I have left is to baste in the head and close off the bottom and the bear is half way there.

Tell me about it!

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