Day 1: Rebrand…

…because I just can’t help myself.

In the past three years my life has changed enormously!
This includes but is not limited to: getting married having a baby, being pregnant with another baby and a new job where I have limited creative outlet. I went from designing on a day by day basis to basically not.

I miss creative time. I don’t get it at home seeing how I have a 23-month old.
I don’t get it at work, seeing how I have a job that requires very little of that by me.
I don’t get it in my freetime, seeing how I have none!

But I have realized I need to carve it out.

I don’t want to resent my husband or my children (I’m actually due with baby #2 today).

So, I’m hoping to not only redesign the look of this blog, (yet again) get back into blogging and finding more balance in my life. People do it everyday…I don’t know how they do it, but I want to be one of those people!

I’m hoping to achieve that whole…do something for 30 days and it will become a habit.
This is a pretty decent article about making things a habit.

I like #3 (my favorite number): Keep it Simple.
I am interpreting this to mean, you don’t have to say a lot.

My plan for the next next 30 days:
1) take care of family
2) blog everyday for 1 month (it can be as long or as short as time allows) It might be rants about family 🙂

And if anyone is anyone still reading this–you will be my #6: Tell a buddy. Yes you are my accountability partner. Thanks!

So comment so I know you’re there…On that note…I’m outie!

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Rebrand…

  1. still here.
    I know waht you mean, and how you're felling. There are somedays that i fell the same…
    I guess we have to take 1 day at the time…

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