Make it…maybe not

Last night Yesterday I tried making a new recipe.
I want to start by saying…I Love LoVe LOVE crock pot recipes.

Seriously, they are:
1. Easy
2. Good
3. Easy clean-up (use those slow cooker liners-ABSOLUTELY)

And I wanted this one to be good.
Slow Cooker Coca Cola BBQ Chicken had all the earmarks of being a good one and it scores high on 1 & 3, unfortunately it fell short of #2.

In fact, my husband, AKA: the human garbage can, wasn’t a fan.
That says a lot.

Sad to say my first ‘Make it’ turns into a Don’t every ‘Make it” again…Sorry Elyse of Six Sisters, I will be throwing the recipe away and un-starring it from my Google Reader. 🙁 But I will continue to read and I already have another recipe earmarked to try this weekend. 🙂

I will say, my side is one of my favorites from Trader Joes: Country Potatoes with Haricot Verts & Wild Mushrooms.

I highly recommend it!

Tell me about it!

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