Dear Postmaster

Please excuse my frankness, but: changing your address online is a crock of s*@t!

Your going to charge me $1 to do it. By ME filling the form out online, I just saved you having to PAY SOMEONE to type it into a computer.

And honestly, you’re going to charge me under the paradoxical statement that it’s to “check your identity.”

Maybe you are, but you’re also charging me a dollar to do it. And I can walk into a post office, pick up one of those forms, fill it out while I’m standing there and then drop it into one of the mail slots. Never having to talk to a real person.


And post office wonders why they have a bad reputation…

I love what you do, I don’t complain when you up the price of a stamp every 6 months; but the idiocy is just too much for me to take some days.

Thank you!

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