Failed again!

Oh my!

Yesterday I was bound and determined to upload pictures to this blog! I took pictures of the living room before and after I cleaned it on Sunday, I needed to download the photos I took of the furniture in my spare bedroom that I want to try and sell, I got pictures of the warmie glove things before I frogged them. I was going to download them all yesterday, but I brought the wrong connector cable!

I can’t believe I did that.

Well…yes I can! 🙂

So again, no pictures.

We have been staying at my house yesterday and today to pack. Yesterday was kinda a bummer for me. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted. I asked Chris to get the couple of rubbermaid containers I had in my shed. I kinda refuse to go in there cause there’s some small animal living in there (I’m convinced) and I don’t want to come face to face with a raccoon or something. So, he went in there and pulled them out. Unfortunately they had been turned over by said animal and the shed occasionally floods so almost everything that was in there is mildewed or completely ruined.

This includes about 4 Cabbage Patch dolls from my childhood, not to mention the Madame Alexander dolls I wasn’t allowed to play with as a child because I might ruin them (how ironic). Yearbooks, etc… So last night I was very sad. Nothing I can do about it. I should have taken them out a long time ago, but I thought they’d be OK. I didn’t think that they’d get toppled over.

So tonight Chris will pack at my place and I already had planned on taking a class at Archivers tonight to make the recipe stand for his mom for Christmas (yes, I’m already planning Christmas presents).

Tomorrow we will be at his house because I signed us up for a CSA ( called Basic Roots and we get our first 1/2 share tomorrow. I’m totally interested in seeing what we get.

The rest of the week will be spent at my place packing and hopefully end on Saturday when we move everything out.

Tell me about it!

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