KNIT PATTERN| The Bell and The Honeycomb

Soap sack hanging out on the mantle waiting to be used.

The Bell and The Honeycomb: a Soap Sack
US 7
CO 80
I used stitch markers every 20 stitches to denote the * area.

1)    K7, *K20; repeat *
2)    K7, *K20; repeat *
3)    K7, *SKP, K9, K2tog, K7; repeat *
4)    K7, *K18; repeat *
5)    K7, *SKP, K7, K2tog, K7; repeat *
6)    K7, *K16; repeat *
7)    K7, *SKP, K5, K2tog, K7; repeat *
8)    K7, *K14; repeat *
9)    K7, *SKP, K3, K2tog, K7; repeat *
10)     K7, *K12; repeat *
11)     K7, *SKP, K1, K2tog, K7; repeat *
12)     K7, *K10; repeat *
13)     K7, *SKP, K7; repeat *
Add a lifeline (if needed) and take out/move stitch markers
14)    K (60 stitches)
15)     *SK2P, YO, K2,
16)    K (56 stitches)
17)    K
18)    K
19)    K
20)    K
21)     Sl2 to cn and hold in back; K2, then K2 from cn; 
Sl2 to cn and hold in front; K2 then K2 front cn
22)    K
23)    K
24)    K
25)    Sl2 to cn and hold in front; K2, then K2 from cn;
Sl2 to cn and hold in back; K2 then K2 front cn
26)    K
Repeat rows 19-26 until desired length-I did 4 times to get my size-but if you have smaller bars of soap, 3 would probably be efficient.
1)    K6, K2tog; around
2)    K5, K2tog; around
3)    K4, K2tog; around
4)    K3, K2tog; around
5)    K2, K2tog; around
6)    K1, K2tog; around
7)    K2tog; around
Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull tight to close hat. Weave in all ends.

Make a 3 stitch I-cord to desired length. I chose to make mine from about the tip of my finger to my shoulder.
Weave the I-cord in through the Row 15 holes.

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