My process: Making a knitting pattern

As you know, I've been working on my knitting: getting back into it…just been taking advantage of the fact that knitting is a relaxing and portable form of crafting. Something to keep me centered and help me get back to me. Therefore, I've knitted at MOPS meetings, toddler birthday parties, while waiting at the doctors … Continue reading My process: Making a knitting pattern

KNIT PATTERN| The Bell and The Honeycomb

The Bell and The Honeycomb: a Soap Sack US 7 CO 80 Join I used stitch markers every 20 stitches to denote the * area. 1)    K7, *K20; repeat * 2)    K7, *K20; repeat * 3)    K7, *SKP, K9, K2tog, K7; repeat * 4)    K7, *K18; repeat * 5)    K7, *SKP, K7, K2tog, K7; repeat … Continue reading KNIT PATTERN| The Bell and The Honeycomb

Embarrassed and excited

Honestly, I am! Let's start with the embarrassment… I was so gung ho on finishing and publishing a pattern for my soap sack-see previous post. Gung ho meaning eager to finish not to be confused with Gung Ho meaning eager to watch the 1986 movie starring Micheal Keaton…although now that you mention it, I'd like … Continue reading Embarrassed and excited

Be a Knitter again!

I have been really into knitting lately. I have forgotten how much I enjoy the process, how relaxing I find the entire experience and how challenging it can be. All things I need. And the knitting made me think of how I started this blog. It seems SO long ago. It was back when blogging … Continue reading Be a Knitter again!

Tutorial: Spring wreath

In the sprucing up the house department, we find my front door…a sad sad place that almost never gets used. Why you ask? • We come in and out of our house via the garage. Who doesn't? • We don't entertain often «aside from family» and 9 times out of 10 they use the garage … Continue reading Tutorial: Spring wreath