Mid-June KAL

I finished my Mid-June KAL Dishcloth today at lunch. I like it! I did it in Mercerized Cotton, cause I knew it was going to be a lace pattern and I just want to display it instead of use it. Oh before you look at th picture…I should probably tell you, I like to take pictures of my feet. Don’t ask why…I don’t really know. Maybe because I like my feet better then my nose? Who nose…hahahahaha Wow I am in a punny mood today!

ANYWAY here are my feet and my dishcloth.

And here is just a random fun picture of Oscar that I took the other day.

And if you wanna see more pictures of my feet you could probably see some on my flickr account.

Should be finishing up my second sock…hopefully tonight while I’m watching my netflix movie (oh yes, please be my netflix friend: gaprincess30@gmail.com). Music and Lyrics is my selection this week.

Tell me about it!

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