I know it’s been a while…I really need to get back on track with some things in my life. I haven’t had much structure lately and that is my own fault. Cause I haven’t really wanted any. But now I’m feeling lost (in a different way) then I was before. So I have decided that I am going to get back to writing my daily ‘To Do’ list. I think I’ll share my first one with you.

It has grown as the day has gone one…so maybe tomorrow I will post the ‘completed’ list.

I did however this finish my first pair of socks (left) this weekend! YEAH!!!!!

I also bought this great new yarn Rowan Baby Soft. on Sunday and started on my second pair of socks. They are the Dragonfly socks from Easy Knitted Socks By Jeanette Trotman.

It feels wonderful!

But here’s something I don’t understand about socks. Although I get a great deal of satisfaction from making the socks, they are quite expensive! Far more expensive then if you just bought some socks. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone suggest some cheaper sock yarn? Seriously, these socks are going to cost me roughly 25 bucks. UGG!

This weekend I also picked out paint for my spare bedroom.

Rose Reflection

I think I’ll be painting this Saturday afternoon.

I have a decision to make…I got asked for my number this weekend by someone I have met casually a couple of years ago. I don’t think I’m interested, but I gave it to him anyway and he called me yesterday afternoon. I will call him back, but I don’t know if I wanna go out with him.

Part of me thinks I’m still just a little scared, another part of me thinks I should go, he’s a nice guy and nice guys are hard to come by and you’ll never know till you give it a try? MEN!

Did I have any more news?

I don’t think so…
OH I joined the next round of the Dishcloth Exchange, if you haven’t signed up you have a couple more days to sign up. My spoilee last round was Joanne, she is the best! So sweet and chatted with me over email often during the month I was planning to spoil her. I have made a great friend through the swap, not to mention the endless resource of blogs and knitters who also signed up for the exchange.

I also watched a bunch of crap this weekend, Charles in Charge: Season 1. Let me say, no matter how cheesy those old shows are, I love them all! A little bit of my childhood. Also, I like seeing people who were just getting started and are now pretty well known! Who did I spy while watching CIC?
Meg Ryan was in two episodes as was Christina Applegate.
Even a young Matthew Perry appeared in one too. Also watched Music & Lyrics twice, Friday night but the phone kept ringing and then again Sunday afternoon. Cute movie. Drew Berrymore is…playing a character I’ve seen her play before, but still cute, cause I love Hugh Grant!

Today I read this article I read. I don’t read a lot from, but I read whatever Rebecca Traister writes. I happen to think she is an intelligent-witty-writer. Much like Jane Austin. 🙂
This isn’t the best thing I’ve read from her but still good. And I tend to agree with her.

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  1. Knitting socks are meditative 🙂

    Try knitpicks, they have a bunch of clearance sock yarns right now and you could make a pair for about 6.50!

    and check out I looooove the scheduling part of cleaning 🙂

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