Monday, Monday

Oh my, how I hate the scale!

I’m not even sure hate is a strong enough work.





And it’s not the scales fault. It’s not like it did something to me other then tell me the truth. I suppose like all people in life, I kind of don’t like the truth.

I mean, can you blame me?

And I have most certainly done my fair share of telling people the truth, when no one else would and even when they don’t want to hear it.

Yes, I am that person.

Always have been and always will be.

But I digress, I mean we’re talking about how unhappy I am with my weight.

I worked very hard to drop 120lbs years ago-it seems like just last year, but honestly it was like 5 years ago.

So, I am on that mission again. No, I don’t have that much ‘baby weight’ to lose, but definately more then I’d like.

It doesn’t matter that before I got preggers I had put on some weight-newly married weight. So not between newly married and baby weight I have 30lbs to lose.

I know I know it’s really not bad and I know I can do it.

So here’s my plan.

I’m watching what I eat and using the Lose It! app on my iPhone to help me keep track of my food intake.

I will start my workout routine tomorrow (Wednesday at the latest). I will also track this through the same app.

I have also written myself a little rewards list. I’m hoping thet my hubby will sponsor Maria’s Weightloss Rewards program, because almost all my rewards include him…like giving me foot messages and painting my toe nails.

Other then that, work is going well and I am hoping to get myself fully in the swing of things this week.

How are you doing?

Oh! I have also started knitting a little hat for O. She has already grown out of all these (, so now I’m going to knit her a new hat-hopefully I will have it done bfore winters end.

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