My new desk at KI

My desk is a wreck and it’s all CKI’s fault! 🙂

I am learning tons right now about Circle K International. It’s amazing, I have worked for Kiwanis for 6 years and I feel like I did the day I walked through the door all those years ago. So excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Of course, I always say…if your not nervous then you don’t think what you’re doing is important. But at least back then…I knew my way around the computer I was using. I miss my Mac.

But I am excited to be working with this group of college students. I honestly think that they are the group in the Kiwanis world that is a huge untapped potential! And I think that’s what keeps my head spinning all day and not constantly thinking about O and her cute little round face.

Well, back to the grind, but thankful for the little mental break.

Tell me about it!

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