Seattle Day2

Well, yesterday I ran all around Seattle to see what I could see.

I made it to the Space needle and Pike Market (and surrounding areas).

I made a trip out to Tacoma to see the Chihuly bridge. I have to say, I was really expecting something different. He recently did a beautiful sculpture for the Indianapolis Childrens Museum and I was interested to see that he did here. I wasn’t too impressed. And I have to say the same about the city of Tacoma though. It’s an odd mix of old and new that just doesn’t work. So maybe that’s just the cities ‘thing’.
But Seattle, I love. I could absolutely live here. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have this view as you were stuck on the interstate in the morning?

Well we are going to head out to the camp this morning. But I wanted to post these pics of my knitting.
Here is my KAL-Dishcloth. I still have no idea that it is, my prediction from day 2 knitting was clearly wrong.

And I finished this for Shell since she’s watching Oscar.
I used a pattern provided by Carol Callaway. But I modified it quite a bit. Shell has an apple kitchen, so I didn’t need the A+ in the middle, just the apple.

Tell me about it!

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