Sponge Bombs

What'll you need

6 Packets of 4 sponges
1 Bucket
Hair bands/rubber bands

Vinyl cutting machine (Silhouette or a Cricut)
File for Sponge Bombs on a Silhouette

I decided that last night to make Sponge Bombs for the girls.
I've had them pinned on Pinterest for a while. But last night I decided they needed to be made.

They are based on Inner Child Fun's post.

I just made a modifications.

Shopping list:
• 6 Packets of 4 sponges from Target @ $1.52 (on sale)= $9.12
• 1 Bucket (summer clearance)=$.99
Total spent: $10.12

Around the house:
• Hair bands or rubber bands
• Scissors

Step 1: Open package and cut sponges in half…then cut the half into 3 pieces. Repeat with other half of sponge. You should get 6 pieces out of each sponge/24 pieces out of each package of 4 sponges.

Step 2: Stack sponges. 3 sponge pieces wide and 3 tall

Step 3: Wrap stack with hair band-I wrapped my hair band 3 times around.

Step 4: Fluff out/rearrange each piece…go with your gut and this will naturally happen when you wrap the sponges tightly.

Step 5: Repeat

The six packets made 16 bombs.

Add water and you have reusable water 'balloons'.

I used my Silhouette to make the vinyl lettering (I'm in LOVE with vinyl lettering right now).

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