Fill-in Friday #18

It's Fill-in Friday! This idea is an old-school blog tag. It has long been defunct but I think it's such a fun and easy way to get to know people and to share. So, I am bringing it back! Here is how it works, each Friday I post five (5) phrases/sentences with blanks for you … Continue reading Fill-in Friday #18

Banana Popsicles: The easiest thing I did today

Not kidding. This is the easiest thing I did today. And had my kiddos not been fussy, they would have enjoyed helping make them…but I needed a break, so I made them myself. Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas some (I was going to measure them…but I did) chocolate chips—I used Trader Joe chocolate chunks Basically: Smash, … Continue reading Banana Popsicles: The easiest thing I did today

Sponge Bombs

What'll you need 6 Packets of 4 sponges 1 Bucket Hair bands/rubber bands Scissors Optional Vinyl cutting machine (Silhouette or a Cricut) Vinyl File for Sponge Bombs on a Silhouette I decided that last night to make Sponge Bombs for the girls. I've had them pinned on Pinterest for a while. But last night I … Continue reading Sponge Bombs

Life is beautiful

This image is a work of a United States Department of Energy (or predecessor organization) employee, taken or made as part of that person's official duties.  As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain. This is how my week started out feeling. I had plans. They were good … Continue reading Life is beautiful