Succulents: the cure to my black thumb

Last week I mentioned the succulents sitting on my kitchen counter and how I had them earmarked for a project.

I am so happy with how it turned out.

Last Mother’s Day I asked for the buckets and a rail so I could do a kitchen herb garden in the window. So DH came through and I got it.

Hubby hung the rail and I promptly planted some herbs Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Oregano.

A week later, they were all dead.

I have the blackest thumb ever! And water is an issue for me—usually too little.

After looking at the carcasses of my poor plants for like 9 months I finally decided that I would do something about it.

The kitchen window gets really good light so I had to plant something that likes sun and is pretty much idiot proof.

A couple tips gleaned from Succulent & Sunshine

Hello, Succulents!
They love light.
And don’t need a ton of water…

Yes, these are Maria plants.

Not to mention the fact that they completely brighten up the view of my yard.

I purchased all 4 at my local hardware store for about $3/plant.

← Tips gleaned from Succulent & Sunshine.

I already had the planting soil and obviously the planters. I mixed the potting soil with some leftover coffee grounds (I’ve been saving them for months now to use as fertilizer this summer.)

I’m in love with the finished product.

Planted and ready for the sun

Another win in the kitchen department.


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