Life is beautiful

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This is how my week started out feeling.
I had plans.

They were good plans. Not great. But alas, man plans and God laughs.
She’s funny that way.

As I sit here thinking about what I had planned for the week and what on that list I actually accomplished. I’m left to wonder: Do any of those undone things really matter?

The family didn’t go hungry because I didn’t do a major grocery shopping.
Everyone got bathed even if it was a day late.
No one went to school in dirty cloths, despite the fact that I didn’t do a load of laundry.
No one got fired, even though I left the office on time.

I spent extra time with the girls.
I made dinner «most evenings».
I got a minimal number of cloth diapers washed, but E did spend a day in disposables «frogs didn’t fall from the sky».

I took a deep breath.
It was nice.

On a regular basis I let my to do list ‘rule’ me more then I should.
That’s what it’s for, right?
Probably not.

This is something I struggle with.

I am addicted to crossing something off that To Do list «don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about». I’m task oriented–not a bad thing sometimes. It has served me well in the work force, but has always hindered me in my personal life.

Yes, if it was acceptable to put: “Hug hubby” on my to do list and then cross it off…I would TOTALLY do it. «No judging please»

But really, that IS something I ‘forget’ to do. Not really forget, but get so caught up in my current task that when DH and the girls come home, I’m so stuck in accomplishment mode: make dinner, clean-up making dinner dishes… That I dont really give hubby the attention he wants/deserves. The girls do get it, mostly because they demand it.

But let’s be honest, the girls really don’t care what the house looks like «if they did, they’d clean up their toys». They don’t know that our house isn’t as perfect as {insert ANYONE’s name here}.

They care if mommy and daddy are playing with them, listening to them, around and active with them and with each other.

I forget about those things sometimes.

Pushing E on the swing set is far more important then cleaning the kitchen counters or doing laundry. And a whole heck of a lot more fun.

But many times, I am all too guilty of saying “O, mommy promises to come color as soon as I finish {insert ANY mundane everyday task here}.”
And never making it over to her before she’s onto something else.

The kitchen counter/laundry/cleaning will wait. My kiddos only want me around for a short time, so it really is those «so called» little thing that can’t wait.

The little things that are really big things.

So this week, my explosion is causing a super nova. A brilliant explosion of energy—I’m going to call it renewed energy—that is directed toward my family.

I pray that it doesn’t die out. But I know, as always…when that starts to happen God will reel me back in.

So, yes my week has been something beautiful and complicated–as opposed to a fiery damaging explosion.
And nowhere near what I had planned it to be.

It was SO much better!

An evening at the park caused my super nova «and probably the glimpse of spring we have had played a part in it as well».

How can this smile of pure fun and love not cause a cosmic reaction.


2 thoughts on “Life is beautiful

  1. I completely understand Cristina!
    I think the older kiddo's get the harder it is to throw out the list.
    But I really do get a little too wrapped up in my "To Do's". I need to get better at prioritizing them. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you, I wish…
    But for now my diary and my to-do list are my salvation! Having two girls with different timetables for sport, ballet, poetry, etc it is a must….
    But I do think I'm going to not to use the to-do task next week, after all my orders are donne, Just to have the feling of not doing anything….

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