Embarrassed and excited

Honestly, I am!

Let’s start with the embarrassment…

I was so gung ho on finishing and publishing a pattern for my soap sack-see previous post.

Gung ho meaning eager to finish not to be confused with Gung Ho meaning eager to watch the 1986 movie starring Micheal Keaton…although now that you mention it, I’d like to watch that now.

But it has taken me MULTIPLE-like six-passes to get this thing correct! I mean, I used to do this stuff ALL the time.

My knitting/patterning muscle is so rusty!

I am still working on it!

Next, let’s talk excitement!

I have been playing with the YouTube thing for a while…toying with the idea of really putting the time and effort into a channel.
I think I’m ready!

I uploaded my first video today and I already have plans for others…including my next one. Which I have chosen to promo in today’s video.

My thinking for that was two-fold:
1. give a watcher a glimpse into what to expect next and entice them to come back
2. a LOT as accountability to me to get it done and out next Thursday.
This is either brilliant or stupid—your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, this decision road has been long…but I’m doing a soft launch. Mostly because I’m scared out of my mind! And secondly, because I am still not sure about the identity of the channel as a whole. Which is still why I’m so hesitant here on the blog.

But, as I’m writing this, I’m thinking that it should be a total extension of this blog, which is a lot about crafting and some of my life thrown in for spice.

My other struggle is with the OneCraftChick thing—it’s been my Etsy shop for a while.
Do I dump it, do I have a separate name for my Etsy shop «which let’s be honest, the shop has been a back burner item for a while». Or do I change everything over to Creative Potpourri?

I have a social media presence as OneCraftChick…but my YouTube channel is Creative Potpourri.

Maybe I figure out how to go the other directions, to One Craft Chick and away from Creative Potpourri «ie, changing my YouTube Channel to OneCraftChick»
Lord, please give me some guidance!

Tell me about it!

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