What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

The Workbasket Arts and Home Magazine project has been coming along nicely and in some ways better than expected. Blogging I've been keeping my blogging schedule—I certainly do NOT have it down pat. I'm still doing some posts at the last minute—mostly those Tasty Tuesday ones. But I do think the schedule will start to … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

Tutorial: Spring wreath

In the sprucing up the house department, we find my front door…a sad sad place that almost never gets used. Why you ask? • We come in and out of our house via the garage. Who doesn't? • We don't entertain often «aside from family» and 9 times out of 10 they use the garage … Continue reading Tutorial: Spring wreath

Be a joiner!

Last night I went to my first IndyMadKnitters group meeting. It was a lot of fun and I met some great women. Also got my picture taken and got posted on someone's blog, other then mine. Thanks Linda! Also, I found out that there's a knit shop at Keystone at the Crossing. I didn't even … Continue reading Be a joiner!

More dishcloths

Last night I finished Kelly's Elvish Leaves Dishcloth. I love it! It turned out so beautifully, even after I had to rip it once. 🙂 Why did I have to rip it? Good question...because I clearly forgot how to 'yo' cause it that part was ALL wrong! I believe this is Sugar'n Cream in ombre? … Continue reading More dishcloths

Pickup Memorial weekend knits

I was a knitting fool this weekend. and it has all been to reinforce my need to learn how to pickup stitches. I didn't even realize it till I started thinking about my projects. But yeah for my subconscious! I finished this Basic Modular Dishcloth on Friday night (I also can't wait to try the … Continue reading Pickup Memorial weekend knits