What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

The Workbasket Arts and Home Magazine project has been coming along nicely and in some ways better than expected.


I've been keeping my blogging schedule—I certainly do NOT have it down pat. I'm still doing some posts at the last minute—mostly those Tasty Tuesday ones.
But I do think the schedule will start to even itself out. I'm still in a growth phase. And once I figure that out…my writing will get considerably better.
All I can say is, thank goodness for Grammarly!


I've been using doubled wool for the Fisherman Scarf and the Beret. Mostly because I don't have any Irish Fisherman Wool and I didn't want to go out and buy any more yarn. Someday I'll let you see my yarn stash and then you'll understand.

I am using yarn that my sister gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. It's four (4) skeins of Cascade Yarn.

Since I only have the 4 skeins I am doing some 'creative' doubling. Which I didn't start until the end of last week. This will hopefully ensure that the scarf and beret look like they go together.

This yarn came in hanks and I don't have a swift and a ball winderI usually just use a chair and wind into a ball on my own, but I had a lot of issues when I turned the first two skeins into balls this way. So, I put a call-out on Nextdoor looking to see if any of my neighbors could help—there have to be other knitters in my greater community right?
I won! Not someone with a swift/ball winder but a fellow crafter who has a 'trick' to wind the ball and she was SO kind to help me. I watched her do it so now (I think) I could do it.
But do you want to hear something else?
She is also a TATTER (and all around awesome crafter) and A BLOGGER!
Thank you, God. Thanks for introducing me to Jaymi aka CrankyKangaroo.


Oh, tatting. I was really worried about this. I did find a local store (about an hour north of Indianapolis) where I could buy supplies and have someone to help teach me.
What are the chances of that?
Again, God.

The women in the shop told me that shuttle tatting would be the easiest way to learn.
I purchase a pack of two (2) shuttles, two (2) balls of thread, a picot gauge, and a Learn to Tat instruction book.

I have to say…shuttle tatting is perhaps NOT for me. I did OK in the shop and thought that with practice I'd get the hang of it.

She also told me that the pattern I want to do, might not be the best starter pattern. This was something I already kinda feared would be true.

However, after 4 days of frustration, I started looking at videos on YouTube and came across needle tatting. That looked more up my ally and in-line with knitting.

I decided to take a trip to Hobby Lobby, picked up a needle tatting instruction book (mine came with 4 needles) and I was on my way.

I am a needle tatter! Not a shuttle tatter. Oh my goodness! The motion is SO much like long tail casting on. I am IN heaven and completely in my element.

The needle tatting, on the left, took me about 40 minutes. The shuttle tatting on the left (both the green and the purple) were about 4 days of practice. I'm not going to completely give up on the shuttle, but…

I think that maybe that pattern might be in my near future. 🙂


I have a bunch of audiobooks that I:
haven't finished
haven't started.

To Be Read or 2 B Red jar…Why 2 B Red? Cause that just seems more fun!

So I came up with this TBR (To Be Read/2B Red) jar. Once I finish a book, I pull the next one out of the jar. I have to read.
So, after finishing Fried Green Tomatoes, I pulled The Shape of Water, which I was pretty sure that I would dislike. However, I am LOVING it.
I haven't seen the movie. So maybe toward the end of the month I'll do a book- to movie-athon. This would mean rewatching Fried Green Tomatoes which I haven't seen in years AND watching The Shape of Water.

Sneak Peek

Check in next week to see what two projects I make with these!

Tell me about it!

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