All things vintage!

I’ve been having issues with knitting two socks on two circulars so I decided to go vintage for a while and work on a dishcloth-not that dishcloths are vintage, but since I’ve been doing dishcloths for a while, I’m going to consider them vintage. But I’m making it challenging by designing my own. It’s designed now I just need to test it.

But since I have nothing else to show knitwise, I thought I’d share this:

I heart vintage things…


and especially CRAFTS!

But I forgot to get this photo! GRRRR Well, I have several back issues of The Workbasket.

I forgot I had these poor little guys. I know I went though them when I first purchased them, but I just came across them again and they have inspired me. Mostly to learn to crochet. Because the majority of the projects are crocheting. There are some great things in here!
I promise to post some later.

Tell me about it!

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