String Art, Knits, and Books: What’s Up Wednesday

  Today is a Wednesday of endings and beginnings…almost literally! Letter Library? What is a Letter Library? Good question. I don't think it's a real thing, but it should be! As Words in Deep Blue describes it: it's a small room (closet like) with shelves of books. Books that have been written in, words circled, annotations, … Continue reading String Art, Knits, and Books: What’s Up Wednesday

Mandelbrot—Tasty Tuesday

This week's Tasty Tuesday is brought to you by Tasty! I watched this video over the holiday season and I decided I would try to make it for Super Bowl Sunday! I mean, who wouldn't want something sweet after chicken wings? Go big or go home, right? You should end an evening of excess (commercials,  … Continue reading Mandelbrot—Tasty Tuesday

What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

The Workbasket Arts and Home Magazine project has been coming along nicely and in some ways better than expected. Blogging I've been keeping my blogging schedule—I certainly do NOT have it down pat. I'm still doing some posts at the last minute—mostly those Tasty Tuesday ones. But I do think the schedule will start to … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

What’s Up Wednesday: The Rundown

What's up Wednesday is a bit of a crap shoot: favorites; what I'm doing/working on; where things on this blog are headed. I reserve the right to change my mind (on anything) at anytime. This week, I'm going to focus on: The Workbasket and Home Arts magazine-January 1978 TASTY TUESDAY Two (2) of the four … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: The Rundown

All things vintage!

I've been having issues with knitting two socks on two circulars so I decided to go vintage for a while and work on a dishcloth-not that dishcloths are vintage, but since I've been doing dishcloths for a while, I'm going to consider them vintage. But I'm making it challenging by designing my own. It's designed … Continue reading All things vintage!