Be a Knitter again!

I have been really into knitting lately. I have forgotten how much I enjoy the process, how relaxing I find the entire experience and how challenging it can be.
All things I need.

And the knitting made me think of how I started this blog. It seems SO long ago.

It was back when blogging was really just something everyone was doing. There were some ‘professional’ bloggers out there, but no one was quite as polished as they are now.
Now it seems like you have to have a whole crafting empire to be taken seriously or find an people to connect with.

Maybe that’s just my perception of  blogging now. I mean, there is NOTHING worse then seeing a recipe, article, craft on Pinterest and clicking to read more and then being bombarded by pop-ups to Subscribe or the waste of time for 100 ads to load… I just want to read the post people, not be asked to buy something or get more junk in my email box.

Where was I before my rant…Oh, starting this blog and knitting.

I miss my knitting-blog friends. I miss knitting swaps. I miss just small little gift swaps.

It seems that the majority of people I met back then have disappeared-just stopped/or slowed down with blogging. I have two people from that time that I still keep «a little» in touch with. One has stopped blogging «although, I should ask her if she has stopped completely-she has reinvented herself online multiple times with different crafts and cooking—must ask her…Jennifer if you’re reading this let me know if/where you blog» and the other is Cristina over at Little Wilds.

I wonder if Ravelry is a good community for getting that old cyber-knitting-community feel. I’ve been a member over there since 2007. I became a member back when there was a waiting list to become a member-the site was growing so fast the creators had to ration letting people join and the site hasn’t really changed much since it began. It does need a facelift and some structural changes.

Anyway, I made myself a hat the other day—a top knot hat «see above». I can’t write out the pattern, cause I kinda made it up as I went, but maybe I’ll try again. I’d like another one-in black.

And I need a soap sack, I have somehow lost all the ones I previously made. And since I’m going through my Purge, Create, Learn program I need to Purge some bars of soap.

So to really merge all the items in my ‘program’ I will be Createing a soap sack, and I’m Learning how to write a pattern so I cam Purge bars of soap!

Yes, I’m writing a pattern. When I’m done, I will post it here AND on Ravelry—I do already have one on Ravelry, my spring wreath «blog post» «Ravery»!

I do hope tio have that done and up by Friday. Stop back and see if I can accomplish that!

P.S. In looking back for links to past items-the wreath and soap sacks; I came across this. It combines a swap, soap sacks, and my sweet Oscar «and my old house». Man, I kinda miss those days.


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