Tasty Tuesday: Banana Dessert

This is my second Tasty Tuesday of 2019. And just like the Chocolate Dessert, this recipe does not have a very imaginative name. 🙂 I'd probably call it Pineapple Banana Dessert—because clearly, I am more imaginative—hahehaheha This is a dessert that can be made relatively easy and would be a good accompaniment to an equally … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Banana Dessert

Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert

I have re-started my Workbasket series. This is how I am trying to get back into blogging regularly. Like I said in my most recent Motivational Monday post…this is not perfect: time and consistency will help me reach MY imperfectly perfect. This is not it yet, but it's a step in that process. So, let's … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert

Recipe: Ginger Cookies

Let me start by saying…I listened to some great podcasts today: all most of which had the same theme…perfection is the enemy of getting shit done! Which has been my problem for a couple of days now. I tried to video me doing this recipe so I could edit and put on "The YouTubes" — … Continue reading Recipe: Ginger Cookies

The Base is BOSS

This is my favorite quiche recipe—Italian Spinach Sausage Pie. I discovered it the first year I was married and I was still interested in impressing him with my cooking ability. Wait…no I was just trying to be figure out how to be a wife—he already knew I could cook. Anyway I have modified the recipe … Continue reading The Base is BOSS

Introducing: MY INSTANT POT…Mabel is her name

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart 1000WLast week, after months of watching video, reading recipes and lots of thought…I took the plunge and purchased an InstantPot!And then, I spent the rest of the week watching MORE videos (check-out my YouTube Watchlist) and trying to decide if I made the right decision. And … Continue reading Introducing: MY INSTANT POT…Mabel is her name